Become a Trader

Need a Stall at the Market?

With an average of 10,000 visitors every Sunday, Dagenham Sunday Market is the first Sunday Market choice for many market traders. We have permanent and casual pitches available.

Trading Days: Sundays only
Trading Times: Traders: 6am – 3:30pm, Public 9am – 3:30pm
Pitches: From £68 per 10ft and £80 casual (van parking behind stalls)

How do I get a pitch at the market?

Come down any Sunday morning after 5 am to our market office and our market manager will take your details and allocate you an appropriate stall. There are very few commodities we can’t accommodate.

What do I need to bring with me to obtain a licence?

You need to bring photo id, i.e. driving licence, passport, you also need public liability insurance, we recommend using the National Market Traders Federation, or by telephone on 01226 749021

Can I park behind my pitch?

Yes, 99% of stalls are 30’ deep, giving you plenty of room for your vehicle

Do I have to pay for my pitch if I have a day off?

Yes, if you ‘Book On’ your pitch is reserved for you every week, you have to be on your pitch by 8am otherwise it can be used for casuals and you will still have to pay.

Do I need a licence?

We will issue you a licence on the day you start

How much do pitches cost?

As a casual trader it will cost you £8.90 per ft., e.g. £80 per 10’. If you decided to ‘book on’, that’s trade every week on the same pitch, the rent goes down to £68 per 10’. You need to pay four weeks rent in advance, if you decided to give notice on your pitch, you work 4 weeks without paying the rent. The rent does not drop in price until the full four weeks in advance is paid, (Notice cannot be given on the 4 weeks before Christmas.)

Can I hire a stall?

“Yes, we have a company on site that rents out two types of stall. A ”Walk in” for £7.00 or a table and top for £8.00. You can also rent tables for £6.00. Tarpaulin hire is not available but you can buy them from the Market Supplies shop in the market along with clips to hold them onto the stall, along with marker pens, money belts and all that you need for your stall. “

What time does the market finish?

The market trades every week from 9 – 3.30, no traders vans can move during these hours.

Contact Charfleets Market Operators on

01268 745550

to book your pitch.