A Day Out at Dagenham Market!

Every Sunday from 9am till 3.30 Dagenham Market is open on our plot on River Road, where we have been since 2002. Home to a huge number of stalls, Dagenham Market sees thousands of visitors through its gates every month. Boasting a remarkable range of products on offer, our friendly traders make the trip early every Sunday to serve customers from across London, Essex, Kent and further afield! Dagenham Market is the perfect place for a family afternoon out or an early morning bargain hunt but how would we spend our day exploring the market? Check out our recommendations for how you can spend a few hours browsing the stalls. Remember that as well as our regular traders, the rest of our stalls are constantly changing and rotating so come every week for a different experience!
Start your day by arriving at the market via our FREE shuttle bus or by taking advantage of one of the thousands of free parking spaces at the site. We recommend arriving early to avoid the queues! If you are one of the early birds arriving a t 9am then why not fuel your day with a mouth-watering bacon bap or sausage sandwich, freshly cooked on one of our many food stalls?! There is plenty of tables and seating so that everyone has a space to sit and take in their surroundings before setting off on a bargain hunt!


Pick up a bargain at one of the hundreds of fashion and clothes stalls that line the market every week. Selling the latest fashions and often boasting designer wear, our traders offer the chance to update your wardrobe at a cut down price. Clothes, shoes, bags and accessories are available by the truck load and everyone is sure to find something to suit their tastes. You will find a vast range of products on offer for men, women and babies. There is always a large collection of stalls catering to the little ones, with personalised bibs and baby-grows, blankets, dresses, hats and shoes available at several points around the market every week from vendors such as Cajope Bebe, offering handmade baby items from Spain!
Seasonal goods are always available at the market so whether you need to stock up on Halloween decorations, buy Easter treats or kit yourself out with a new summer wardrobe then there will be something to suit every need. In the summer your garden can benefit from a variety of flower stalls, selling a beautiful collection of plants, flowers and shrubs that are enough to give everyone the green fingered bug. In the winter you will find stalls catering to Halloween and Christmas. This weekend why not buy yourself some make-up and a spooky outfit just in time for trick-or-treating or get in there early for Christmas decorations, presents and wrapping paper.


The latest trends are available all over the market as our traders sell the most popular items to our thousands of customers every weekend. The latest trend that we are seeing all over the market at the moment is hover boards! You can bag yourself one of these technological wonders to whizz home on from London Hover, our recommended hover board retailer. You can even get one that lights up and plays music as you race away!


Sports fans are not left out at Dagenham Market! As you move on from trying out the amazing hover boards you can visit one of our many traders that deal in sportswear and equipment especially for our fit and active customers! Whether it is motor cross, biking or fishing, there is a trader for everyone, ready to sell you all of the essentials plus the latest equipment that you will need. Football fans would benefit from a trip to see Name Your Ball, a hugely popular trader that sells footballs, rugby balls and boxing gloves all personalised with a name of your choice! The perfect gift for a football enthusiast’s birthday!


At lunchtime the market has a plethora of choices to suit every pallet. You can stop for a burger or a jumbo hotdog (topped with lashings of onions of course) or, if you have already taken our advice and stopped for a sausage sandwich on your way in, maybe you would prefer fresh corn on the cob, hot roasted nuts or a variety of ice creams from the ice cream truck! With the weather drawing in, why not take this time out to enjoy a scrumptious Cadbury hot chocolate topped off with a Baileys shot over at Nice Buns, definitely something to warm the winter chill! We love our food vendors here at Dagenham Market and you can experience something different every single week. Whether you want to keep it simple with a burger or experience something a little more exotic like freshly
carved coconuts then we have it all!


Once you have had your fill on our lovely selection of lunch choices, maybe you can grab some edible goodies to go? We have sweetie stalls at the market every week offering the very best pick-and-mix choices. You can grab homemade cupcakes, fudge or macaroons from artisan food specialists or visit the amazing Wild Game Meat Ltd for something a little more savoury. Wild Game Meat offer a huge variety of products such as jerky, salamis, hams and sausages including those which cater to a more exotic taste such as deer, elk and beaver! They always have some tasty samples available so you can have a little taste before you take it home!


Christmas is coming so once you have stocked up on plenty of edible goodies to take home why not get a head start on the present shopping? There is enough variety at Dagenham Market for you to find something for every member of the family and not have to go anywhere else! There are toys and gadgets galore that anyone of any age would enjoy so you can use this weekend to get present inspiration or start shopping ahead of the Christmas crowds! Plenty of stalls around the market stock a great number of toys and the celebrate Toy Auctioneer visits the market on a regular basis to the delight of many of our customers. Always drawing a crowd, you will definitely be able to find the Toy Auctioneer, if you don’t hear him first! Stick around to hear his best bargains and maybe you can nab yourself a bag of Christmas prezzies for the kids!


At the end of the afternoon, once you are laden down with so many bags that you can hardly move, you can begin the tired trudge back to the car or our free shuttle bus to make the journey home. If you are still a bit peckish, or the kids are whining for a snack why not swing by one of our fresh fruit and veg stalls to grab a light and healthy snack for the journey home. Set your taste buds tingling with a selection of fruit salads for only £2 a pot, fit to burst with freshly cut pineapple, watermelon and grapes. Or if you have more of a sweet tooth, grab a pot of strawberries and cream to-go from the do-it-yourself strawberry station, stocked with a variety of creams, sticky chocolate sauce and juicy strawberries!

Whatever you choose to do at the market, you are sure to have a wonderful time and find many bargains to carry home. Enjoy the food, buy a new wardrobe or kit out for Christmas – have a happy Sunday at Dagenham Sunday Market!


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