About us

Why choose to shop here?

Over the years, the Rayleigh Lanes & it's quaint row of sister shops nearby - the Rayleigh Quarter have been a staple shopping experience for the residents of Rayleigh and the surrounding areas. Whether you fancy a chat & a coffee in the wonderful Rayleigh Lanes Cafe, browse the plethora of markets or get a nice new haircut, there's something for everyone all year round.

The Rayleigh lanes is an indoor marvel made up of a series of markets with some very interesting characters at the helm. You'll always be more than just a customer as you work your way through the lanes.

The Rayleigh Quarter is just around the corner along the next street and is a series of shop fronts that offer some items that can't be bought anywhere else. It has a real community spirit so you're never a number when you visit.

Pop down to the Rayleigh High street and check us out. You won't be disappointed & if you come on a Wednesday, you'll also have the outdoor Market to browse. 

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