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Former Dagenham Market trader wows customers with whiter teeth in 30 seconds.

Whiter teeth in 30 seconds. We are of course talking about Stacey who used to be very popular at the world-famous Dagenham Market.

So many of you have reached out and asked where she had gone once Dagenham Market sadly closed. We thought it would be fitting to have Stacy as our very first 'featured trader of the week'.

We travelled to meet Stacey at Swanley Market in Kent where she runs her Teeth Whitening stall every Wednesday from 9 am to 3 pm. When we arrived, we were immediately drawn to the live demos where you get to see the power of the product in just 30 seconds.

You'll use a cotton bud to rub the charcoal product into your teeth at the market - although a dry toothbrush at home will give an even better result. Stacey is very knowledgeable about her products and explains that this charcoal product is even safe for children & pregnant women as it's chemical-free.

Her second product contains bleach but you have to be over 16 to purchase (not because of the product) but because you have to use boiling water to create a perfect mould of your teeth using the supplied gum shield.

Here's an amazing fact:

The products last 4 years and the results last 4 years when combined together. Used separately, it gives you fantastic results for 2 years.

We love how flexible Stacey is when it comes to purchasing the products. You can either pay by cash, card or PayPal. She's super confident that you'll love the products, but if for some reason you don't, she'll give you your money back. If you order online, it's FREE delivery too :-)

Stacey can also be found at North Weald Market on Saturdays so be sure to go and check her stall out and try the product for yourself.

Can't wait until she's at the market? Why not download the brand new Dagenham Market 24/7 app and get in touch with Stacey any day of the week.

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Our app will bring you closer than ever to all the traders that used to sell at Dagenham Market. By November you'll be able to purchase goods directly from the app (just in time for Christmas).

Lot's to look forward to but for now, we'll leave you with a snippet of our visit to Swanley Market where we caught up with Stacey for the first time since Dagenham Market closed its doors:

Stacey's smiles - a faster way to a whiter smile :-)

We'll be featuring a different trader each week so don't forget to check back here and on the app as we're adding traders all the time.

Until the next one, stay safe and happy shopping

The Dagenham Market 24/7 team