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Dagenhams very own Loveable Scotsman continues selling flowers & memorials with that famous smile.

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

If you visited Dagenham Sunday Market when it was open, the chances are, you would have met the charismatic Scotsman Bill Watson. A market trader with a little pizazz to put a smile on your face on a Sunday morning come rain or shine.

Affordable Memorials also offers high quality granite memorials at a price everyone can afford. Showing that those who have gone are not forgotten. It really is a service with a smile and you'll come away from his stall with a lovely purchase and exceptional customer service.

Affordable Memorials is a small business run by Bill. He's based in Birmingham, but able to deliver memorials to anywhere in the British Isles.

Bill goes on to say "Customer service and the personal touch have been key to my success in building a strong customer base. I have gained recommendations for memorials from previous customers passing on how well they have been treated by Affordable Memorials."

Bill continues trading at the following markets if you want to pop down, say hi and take in some of his masterful wit:

Tuesday: Tamworth & Moreton-in-Marsh

Thursday: Kempton

Saturday: Wellesbourne Market & North Weald, Essex

We all miss him at Dagenham market like so many others that made is what is was. You may recall that the BBC did a series covering the goings-on at the world famous site and it was no surprise when the cameras turned their attention to Bill at Affordable memorials after discovering his unique ability to attract attention and draw people in.

You can catch Bill and many others in the BBC series covering the Dagenham Sunday market here:

Affordable memorials also produce high quality personalised granite memorials, eg. Open book; Markers; Hearts; Vases: Slabs along with guardian angels & kneeling angels.

Bill continues....

"Our prices are clear, we very rarely charge for extras, we cater for the “special” little things that make your purchase unique to you and our products are delivered to your door at very affordable rates. In fact we care- we care about you, your loss, and that you are not being taken advantage of."

Check out Bill in his full charismatic character in this little snippet. Try not to smile :-)

Affordable memorials now features on the Dagenham Market 24/7 app. A place where you can connect with traders and small businesses 24/7 and never lose touch of your favourite traders.

Download the app today in the app stores today and connect with Bill:

We'll be featuring a different trader each week so don't forget to check back here and on the app as we're adding traders all the time.

Until the next one, stay safe and happy shopping

The Dagenham Market 24/7 team