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Why walk when you can Scoot. The new way to travel is here - check this out!

E-pro Glide have revolutionised the way we travel & they're now positively impacting commuters all over the country. It's the green way to arrive to work and still look fresh for the day ahead.

Perfect for city life and anyone conscious about their carbon footprint. Figures show that as much as 60% of all travel in cities are within a 5 mile radius. This can easily be walked by many but we choose to take the car and continue to contribute to polluting our environment.

E-pro glide bridges the gap between walking to work and taking the car, and upon arrival to your destination, you simply take it with you rather than try to find an expensive parking space for the day or look flustered from a brisk walk.

Don't just take our word for it. Fans are raving over their new purchases and here's what's being said:

"We love the convenience it provides. Just because you've decided to ditch the car, it doesn't mean you're automatically a fan of cycling. With cycling, you have to pedal, and you can arrive at work in a bit of a hot, sweaty mess. Electric scooters give you the freedom to wander through the traffic with ease and also arrive at your destination looking cool, calm and composed.

There is also less chance that your e scooter will be stolen as they tend to be compact and you can take it inside your place of work rather than leaving it in a bike rack".

Ditch the Car & contribute to cleaner air with E-pro Glide

It's the coolest way to travel and reduce your carbon footprint. The energy needed to produce a vehicle is also significantly greater than that required to make an electric scooter. E scooters are accountable for just 1- 2% of emissions compared with car manufacturers.

It might have been put on hold, but the environmental crisis has not gone away, and as we start to return to our places of work E scooters could be the perfect alternative form of transport to do our bit.

So why choose an E-pro glide scooter?

There are a number of good reasons why the E-pro glide scooter comes out on top and here are 3 of the biggest reasons:

  • Battery life

The battery is undoubtedly one of the critical components and in fact, accounts for 30% of the cost. The more power you demand from a battery, the more you will have to pay for the scooter. E-pro glide is affordable yet packs a punch when it comes to the battery. It has many benfits such as longer life between charges, increased range, and faster speeds.

High-end batteries also charge quicker, meaning that your E scooter is out of action for less time.

  • Construction

Cheaply made scooters will often include plastic parts that fall apart easily and you cost you dear in the long run. E-pro glide offers premium grade aluminium that is lightweight, durable and extremely high quality. Consider it an investment!

  • The Software

Higher end scooters like the E-pro glide are packed with features that aren't found on their cheaper counterparts. You can control the menu using your smartphone showing remaining battery life, lights, tracking your journey and speed control. E scooters from the budget range are unlikely to have the software built-in so again; it is worth making that extra investment to get something top of the range.

A range to suit the whole family

E-pro glide offers a kids range and several options for adults. Get off your screens and enjoy the great outdoors together.

The E-pro glide promise to customers

At E-PRO we work directly with manufacturers to ensure that you get the best quality products at the best possible price, bringing the reality of a cleaner, healthier future closer than ever before. 

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