The Importance of Making Your Market Stall Attractive!

wishing-cardsYour market stall might have the very best products in the world but if the aesthetics of your stall aren’t right then the customers won’t be stopping by! Making your stall attractive is an important process in drawing in the right customers and making sales. The look of your stall includes everything from the packaging of your products to the overall presentation of your business.

No matter what your product or service is, whether it is baked goods, hand crafted jewellery, toys, art, clothes or shoes, the way that you present your goods will leave a positive or negative first impression on your potential customers. A lot of new market traders think that it is as simple as setting up a table, adding a table cloth and setting out stock – but there are a lot more factors to think about! Ignoring your aesthetic potential is really wasting an opportunity to drag in more custom.

It is your job to make your product stand out from all the rest; a table with a table cloth is not going to stand out among the surrounding stalls. You must learn to be different and unique to create a buzz among your customers. If your products are situated on a well-crafted display and stand out from the crowd, then you are much more likely to have a successful day!


baby-stallYou are at the market to make sales. Draw people in with interesting lighting, signage, colours and packaging and they will not be likely to bypass you! Using colour will help you to stand out among the surrounding stalls – if you have colourful products, a plain background will create the best backdrop to help frame your products. Stick to a colour scheme that not only promotes your products but also advertises your branding.

When first setting up your stall you should think about the best ways to showcase your products in terms of organisation. You may want to arrange your stock into organised and arranged sections, or go completely in the opposite direction for a more antique stall hodge-podge display. Put some time into rearranging your stock to see which works best. Your stall not only has to look good but also be accessible and understandable for your potential customers. It is not a bad thing to try out different styles of display before finding out what works for you and your products – take note of how your customers interact with your stall, talk to your customers and listen to their feedback!

How will your brand be remembered by the public? You may not have an established business but your products and stall overall should still evoke an overall branding. If someone visits the market but doesn’t purchase on the day, will they remember your products and what your stall was all about? Make sure that your company name is visible across your stall via eye-catching signage and clear product labels. Having a business card or flyer that is consistent with your stall’s branding will help people to remember you and your products even when they leave the market – providing other sources through which they can possibly buy your products will also be a big bonus for your sales figures.

fruit-stallRemember, as much as you should focus on the overall look of your stall, you are just as important as your products for drawing in customers! Long days running your market stall can be very tiring but you should always be warm and welcoming to all of your potential customers in order to maximise sales! Smile and say hello to everyone but do not hover over them or try and constantly talk them into sales – a hard sell is hardly ever a favourite with market shoppers. Try to stand as much as possible to make sure you have a presence around the stall but, when long days on your feet are taking their toll then opt for a tall stool instead of hiding away in a low chair behind all of the products! You are a representative of your brand and should be presentable and friendly at all times!


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